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KTV Bars in Makati


Today we visited several KTV places in Makati and the one we were most impressed with was the family style Center Stage at the 5th floor of 136-138 Jupiter Street, which is located in the Bel-Air district of Makati City, just East of Makati Ave.  Center Stage is actually on both the 5th and 3rd floors of the building they’re in..

.We were about to take more pictures and a little video clip, but the batteries in the camera which we thought were freshly charged were not charged at all, so we’ll add pics later.  We met the manager, Eden Tumula, who showed us around and was very cordial.

We were very impressed with the rooms we saw at Center Stage Makati.  One large room on the 5th floor had a billiards table, a small poker table, lots of seating, a 47″ TV screen for the karaoke, and a great atmosphere.  The other impressive room was the main party room on the 3rd floor, suitable for large birthday parties and other functions with gatherings of people of all ages who want to have fun in a wholesome atmosphere…35,000 pesos will get you that room for your party and that price includes the food and beverages.  Visit their website for complete information about prices and features and opportunities!

The next place we came across was the Top Grill Restaurant, Bar & KTV at 126 Jupiter.  That place seems to be popular with the ladyboys.  When they saw me, a 61 yr old American guy and my 62 yr old American wife go in there and start snooping around, they weren’t as friendly as the Center Stage Family style place, but we did find out the cost is only P75/head/hr, not including a ladyboy for company or a girl.  Ladyboys seemed to be working there as well as patrons.  We didn’t stick around to ask any more questions and moved on down Jupiter to discover….

Music 21 at 106 Jupiter.  This place looks like another great place for families, especially with kids because kids 6 and below are free, and 7-12 yrs old get in for half price..Notable was the fact that they are open 24 hours a day, the off hours being 5am – 3pm where a half price cost of 42 pesos per head/hour is in effect for a nice KTV experience.  A sign on the wall at Music 21 said that if you “make a reservation 3 days before and have an initial fee of 1,000 pesos PLUS! Avail the package good for 10 pax for 3 hours at 3,500 php will offer you exciting freebies.”  Don’t ask me what that sign is really saying, all I know is that I think pax means persons…


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